I am glad you made it to this section of the page, it means you are excited, you understand the vision of this project and are ready to support, so here are the ways to do it:

  • D O N A T E :
    The best way to help is by donating and its important to know that 100% of your contribution goes to the water project. How? A group of private donors, foundations and sponsors help pay for the everyday costs of running the organization.

  • DRINK W A T E R :
    Take a picture of you drinking water and send it to me at armando@borninjuly.org
    I will then upload it to my Flickr account with facts about water then you will be able to share the link with your friends and get more people invovled, see some examples here
    I'd love to hear your ideas about how to support this cause. Every charity water campaign has 3 months to raise funds. So even though I was born in July 6th, I still have 54 days after that.

    You can contact me at: armando@borninjuly.org or on Twitter at: @borninjuly

Thanks a lot for taking the time to watch the videos and for your contributions to this wonderful cause, have a great day!
... and, don't forget to drink some good clean nice clear W A T E R !!